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This site is packed with free articles about how to increase your quality of life.  
  • Making more money (entrepreneurship) 
  • Living wherever they want (and traveling a lot)
  • Dating their ideal person (or lots of persons)
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The Path Towards Self Reliance

This site is dedicated to all facets of achieving freedom and choice in your life as an ambitious man.  Whether you want to structure your finances to break free of your job, increase your dating options with women, or travel the world independently (or all three) there is free content here for you.

Not Another Get-Rich Product

We're not an info product on how to achieve financial independence.  We're a chronicle of articles and resources that document our journeys and are tailored to help you on yours.

Uncensored Travel Reports

Not your typical travel blog.  Our opinions and advice come from the eye of a single guy who wants to get rich traveling the world while meeting beautiful women.  We aren't broke vagabonders here, our goals and very specific and our adventures outlandish.

Relationship Advice (Sort of)

Having complete choice and abundance in your dating life is essential to living a self reliant life.  We have years of experience going out and meeting women in a direct and authentic way (especially while on the road)

Laugh and cry with us at our stories from the road, and take advantage of the paradigm smashing concepts we've discovered and worked through personally in our experiences with women.


Financial Independence is the cornerstone of being able to lead a lifestyle filled with travel, women and adventure.  Be warned, it's easier to achieve than you think...


Want to wake up next to the woman of your dreams, but not sure how to meet her?  

Or maybe you just want to wake up with a different woman of your dreams each week. 

 Either way we have tons of content on dating that will be hard to swallow initially but ultimately transform your dating life.


If books like the four hour work week got you fired up then this is a great place to start.  Here you will find travel articles that are specific to balancing the other pillars (Women, making money etc.)


No man would be truly self reliant unless he had mastered his own thoughts and emotions.  We don't suppress them here, but instead seek teachers to help us understand and accept who we already are.

Anti Gurus - Pro Practical/Effective Thought

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