Lifestyle Chronicles: Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest, Hungary

May 24, 2018



Budapest is an eastern European city loved by all different kinds of people.  From backpackers to married couples you will be hard pressed to find someone that truly dislikes the city.  However vacation and living are two drastically different things; especially in the case of a self reliant man.  Below are my thoughts on Budapest after living her for about 6 weeks so far.


Currency + Cost of Living

The currency (forint) is quite inflated and depressed, hooray!  However that doesn’t always translate to everything being cheap.  Food, beer and coffee are reasonably cheap here. Housing is substantially cheaper, especially if shopping for longer term leases.  

You could live really well for $2000 USD a month here, and could certainly do it on less if you get a room in a shared house, move further away from the city center etc.



The women and nightlife are world class here.  Not in terms of fancy clubs etc. but in terms of energy and amount of people that go out.  The city is alive just about every night and you can always find an interesting bar to pop into.


The popular things here are ruin bars.  Basically edgy decorated bars in run down ware-housey type buildings.  They’re cool environments and always packed with a dynamic crowd.

Hungarian women are gorgeous, plain and simple.  The average here is just higher than most places in the world for whatever reason (bless genetics!).  Most speak good english and are a little shy at times, but if you get out there and meet them you will certainly be rewarded and on dates with beautiful and dynamic girls.  

If for some crazy reason the local women aren’t your style, there are constant influxes of travelers and students studying abroad from all over the world.  You certainly won’t be without options of interesting women to meet here.

General Tourism/Fun

Be warned, there is a winter here.  Summers are hot and lovely, but the weather definitely gets quite cold.  


Flying into Budapest or taking trains in/out are simple and cheap.  Within the city the bus system is extensive and the metro is well run as well.  

Network Connectivity and Office Space

Working in cafes is incredibly common here, and most have great wifi and cheap coffee.

There are a few co-working spaces around, but i never felt the need to pay for one as coffee shops are plentiful and great to work in.


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