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Game – RooshV

This is one of the most comprehensive reads on meeting, attracting and dating women over the long run.  I’d start here if you’re brand new. And if you’re experienced I would still recommend


James Marshall’s Book/Course A Natural History

If you can find ‘A Natural History’ by James Marshall online somewhere it’s an inspiring read.  He chronicles past relationships, his life and lessons learned along the way in a very real and raw format.  


Nineball – Jeffrey Allen

Nineball is one of the most authentic books ever written about pickup.  There I said it. Now go read it. Jeff Allen is an RSD coach, and for a few bucks you can read his entire life story.  WIthin its pages you’ll realize that if this guy can do it, you can too.


The Rational Male

A book more so about the state of the world when it comes to men and women and dating dynamics.  You won’t learn skills here, but it brings up perspectives that I think are important to be aware of at least.


Models – Mark Manson

I have a writer crush on Mark Manson so definitely also check out his blog.  But this book is a classic text that was written after the pickup world got exposed and went a little more mainstream.  Manson has some healthy ideas here that you should expose yourself too.


David Deida – Way of the Superior Man

This is a classic, one that explains masculinity in a concise and actionable way.  Through the lense of David Deida’s ideas on masculinity, you can instantly begin to improve your relationships with women.


Alabaster Girl – Zan Perrion

This book is more poetic/philosophical than all the others.  It won’t teach you how to get girls, but it will give you an incredibly romantic perspective on the dating world.  I think the idea of romance gets lost too often by guys trying to learn the ‘mechanics’ of dating girls. This book will help you restore your appreciation of beauty, and sense of wonder for the world around you. I re-read it every time I travel to a new city/country.


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