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The majority of this blog will be written for guys that already are at least aware of the men’s dating/seduction/pickup/improvement world.  If you are one of those guys, move on to the other articles as they will be more useful.


If you are brand new, and would just consider yourself a normal guy looking to date hotter girls (or cooler girls, nicer girls whatever)  then read on my friend.


Basically, there is an entire sub-culture of dudes that have spent a LOT OF FUCKING TIME trying to identify relationship dynamics between men and women and master the ‘skills’ they perceive as necessary in order to date higher quality women and thus improve their lives?  Sound good? It (mostly) is.


Within this community there are a bunch of styles, conflicting ideologies and a shit ton of information to help you get what you want out of your relationships.  Not all of it is accurate, and the majority of it is unhealthy.


If you aren’t familiar with the bigger brands of dating advice out there ( Real Social Dynamics, The Natural Lifestyles, Alpha Male Stategies etc. etc.)  then this post will introduce you to the gents that will be teaching you the foundations of dating and relationship dynamics.


I’m not interested in teaching the fundamentals of dating, mostly because these guys are much better at them than I am.  This blog is more sharing my experience and addressing topics that resonate with the guys that already are out there trying this stuff.


So, if you haven’t really been out there actively trying to meet women, then you need to get into these resources first and start learning.  Then as quickly as possibly you need to get out into the world and start practicing what you learn and try improve your dating life.


All that said, let’s get into the overview of the dating world.  I see it as having a few major pieces, all of which kind of flow into each other.


Also, you can skip all this intro and just READ THESE BOOKS

1. Meeting and Attracting New Women

This is the most obvious category and is usually what guys search for online.  The biggest misconception is that you can learn lines and techniques on how to do it and get ‘any girl’


You can meet women during the daytime (daygame),  nighttime at bars/clubs (nightgame) and on apps like Tinder/Bumble etc..   There are countless things to learn here in each of the aforementioned, and refer to the companies I mentioned to learn it all.


 2. Lifestyle Improvement

Some guys get really good at approaching girls, yet somehow their dating lives don’t magically go from no sex to dating supermodels…  This is usually the point where the guy realizes (hopefully) that he needs to not only improve his dating skills (category 1.) but also his overall life.  What makes an attractive man is not just what he says in the first interaction, but who he is overall and the life he leads. So after you learn how to physically walk up and speak to a woman (important!) you will probably need to work on living an awesome and attractive life as well.


 3.Relationship Dynamics

A lot of guys assume that they just need to ‘get the girl’ first and then everything will be fine.  Oftentimes they do, and then she ultimately leaves. This will happen over and over again to you if you don’t take the time to understand relationship dynamics and how to successfully maintain an amazing connection with a girl over time.  We’ll talk a lot about this on this site, but it’s also covered in a lot of the reference reading.


Who to learn from?


There are tons of companies out there, and tons of good coaches so my guys aren’t the absolute end all when it comes to dating.  But i’ve vetted both of these companies and taken live and digital courses from each. So I feel quite confident in recommending them both.  Both companies have tons of free youtube content, so explore them both. Happy learning 🙂


Real Social Dynamics

These guys are over the top in a lot of ways, so do not follow their word religiously.  But that being said they are masters at going out at night and meeting girls effectively.  They also have great takes on social media use, and general lifestyle improvement. For me, learning how to meet girls in bars/clubs from RSD was worth the cost of all their products/live courses.


The Natural Lifestyles

These guys don’t really get into the bars/clubs part of game, but focus on meeting women authentically during the daytime. They not only focus on technique but also really key in on internal fears/insecurities their clients have in order to help them cope.  I recommend their live workshops wholeheartedly, they are well worth the price tag.

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