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Over the last ten years alone, the amount and speed of internet connectivity across the globe has risen to unbelievable levels of access and reliability.  It’s now completely possible to conduct your work in the majority of corners of the westernized world without your clients/employer at home being the wiser.


This presents us with the greatest gift of lifestyle arbitrage. Let’s get into the basics.


If you live and work in a major US city and make an average salary, you probably lead a fairly normal and reasonably comfortable lifestyle.  You have enough cash to buy your Starbucks, and drop some money when you go out over the weekend on Ubers, dinners and drinks. You may also lament on the difficulty of saving, because while you do OK you certainly don’t have cash raining down on you from the heavens at your 9-5.


What most people don’t realize, is that if they took their income and transported themselves to a different country with different currency and economics. They could live like a king AND save cash.


Well guess what friends, we don’t need to teleport, you can get on a fucking airplane for a few hundred dollars and ship yourself anywhere in the world, TODAY.


But what about my job? Ah yes my friends, this is where the internet comes into play. You must move your income online (whether that’s working remote, or  starting an online business) you must figure out a way to maintain your income in Dollars while you are not chained to a desk in New Jersey.


So here are the basics to lifestyle arbitrage:


First, Earn in US dollars (or some other strong currency).


and Second…


Move yourself to a place where things are cheaper.


By doing just these two things, you’ll live better for cheaper. By moving to Buenos Aires to start a company, I actually stayed in a nicer place, ate amazing food all the time, and had a more active social life for LESS cash than if I would’ve stayed in Chicago. If it costed more, I’d still say WOW what an adventure, but it DIDN’T.  It was cheaper, more fun, and overall an incredible experience.


For articles on earning remotely, check the money section. 


Need to find an ideal city to live in? Read my lifestyle/city reports articles.


That’s all there is to it! Check out the articles above and start planning your escape/next destination to live for a few months.  It doesn’t take much, so just start.



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