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March 24, 2018

Living and Working in Boulder Colorado

Currency/Cost of Living

USD naturally and overall quite a high cost.  My airbnb for the month wasn’t exactly a palace and it was a little over 2k for the month.  


Boulder has been trending in recent years and property values have only gone up taking rents with them.  If you were to shop around for longer leases, I”m sure you can find something affordable, but I put costs on par with major cities like Chicago in the US.  Definitely not a lot of deals to be had.


Colorado in general is pretty earthy and not a lot of attention/effort is put into the nightlife/club scene.  Boulder doesn’t have much at all in terms of nightlife (although university parties are big and active if you’re young enough for that scene).  It’s mostly casual craft beer bars.


Boulder would be terrible for women/dating if it were’nt for the University being there.  Because of that there are plenty of girls if you can get out and find them. Like I said the bar/club scene isn’t huge in Boulder, so don’t go expecting something super well developed and central.  It’s a laid back place overall.


General Tourism/Fun

If you like to ski/snowboard Boulder is ideally located right next to the mountains.  Short drives get you to decent resorts, longer drives (multiple hours) get you to the best resorts in the state.  

Hiking/outdoors activities are great and the most popular choice here.  The scenery is amazing, air is clean and if you’re an active guy you’ll absolutely love it here.


Living/Daily Expenses

Things like coffee and beer are price inflated (over $3.50 for good coffee, over $6 for good beer) and food is pretty much in line with typical American prices.



You’re outside of Denver which is a pretty decent airport to fly in and out of.  But it’s a longer ride than a taxi/uber would merit, so sort out a shuttle/shared group ride before arriving.


Network Connectivity and Office Space

I worked out of coffee shops and the Boulder public library (which has amazing wifi)  the entire time. But Boulder’s a hip tech spot now and co-working places are plentiful depending on where you live in the city.



Overall, Boulder is an amazing little town.  If you’re a passionate snowboarder I couldn’t recommend it enough.  It’s not cheap enough for our lifestyle arbitragers, but if you’re intent on staying in the US and want to taste the mountain life, it’s a great option for lifestyle even if it’s not the cheapest.


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