John Carlton’s Operation Moneysuck

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The short of it:

Anything that isn’t directly earning you cash is second priority and you can’t let it distract you from keeping your eye on the prize.

I’m an avid reader of John Carlton, celebrated marketing copywriter and a pretty damn decent writer in general.  The guy is mostly a consultant for selling other people’s shit, but he has a knack and history of writing massively long sales letters (you’ve seen them) and generating massively huge profits for those that employ him.


In his more recent years, he’s settled more into cleaning up on his rep as a coach not so much as a direct copywriter.  This is good for him and for us.


In a few of his books/articles he mentions this concept that he learned from his longterm partner, Operation Moneysuck he calls it.


The premise is really simple, most of us have 1 or 2 things we should do each that are going to put money in our pocket (calling leads, writing code, publishing content, whatever)  and then we also have a million other incredibly pressing interruptions that aren’t. The bank called, there was an issue with one of your rental properties, your girlfriend wants some quick help with a crisis at her own workplace, blah blah blah.


We all constantly get bombarded with interruptions all day, and to give our precious attention to them is draining us of time, thought resources and thus MONEY.


I love how he’s looking at it like a battle, these interruptions are trying to take from you and bleed you dry.  Fight them off and stay the course, finishing your most important earning tasks first and then turn to the ‘emergencies’.  You will find that those emergencies either sorted themselves out without you, or patiently waited for your return. Now you have your important shit done and you can problem solve away.

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