The Value of Freedom In Lifestyle

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This is the most underestimated thing I see these days.


Working a traditional job, in theory you can leave but by locking yourself to a single office, single city single routine you don’t enable serendipity to occur in your lifestyle and thus are much less likely to come across incredible opportunities.


Even if you do come across the greatest groundbreaking opportunity (or just something fun) could you really seize it immediately?  Or do you have a long term lease, a car payment, student loans and other expenses to worry about that would make you hesitate?


Over the years I’ve really underestimated how much of an advantage I have now that I can be more spontaneous in business and life.  I can shoot out to NYC for two days to speculatively meet a friend that might turn into a business opportunity (it happened just the other week, and now I’m on track to sign a software partnership with a growing/successful company.  It would’ve never happened had I not 1. taken this spontaneous vacation anyways, and 2. been able to extend the trip a few days to swing by NYC.  


How many opportunities do we miss simply because our lifestyle closes us off to them through fear, logistics or anything else?


This applies to anything really, are you not meeting women because you simply don’t park yourself in a city/neighborhood/coffee shop where they are?  I always try to end up reading or working somewhere I might just happen across a beautiful woman. That’s why we have a whole section dedicated to cities and international living.


So take inventory of your current lifestyle.  How much personal freedom do you have right at this moment to go/do anything?  Drop a comment below with your answer.  


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