Quick and Dirty IG Growth: For Beginners

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A few friends have asked about cheap ways (IE manual labor intensive) ways for people who don’t want to pay for services to grow their accounts.


My first thought on this is PAY FOR A DAMN SERVICE.  FollowLiker is ungodly cheap (at $7/month) and completely worth it.  We run a custom built system, but it’s overkill for what most people need.+


The following other methods will take you some time each day to do, are super simple and will show results if you keep at them.  However I urge you to think about what your time is worth. If you spend a net 10 hours a month doing this growth (that could be achieved or even outpaced by a $7 bot) what are you saying your time is really worth?  Anyways, lets get to growing.


Posting with a (moderate amount) of hashtags.

Content is absolute king on instagram, especially nowadays with their war on spammers and botters.  If your profile is niched to anything (like travel, adventure, technology, fashion etc.) you will want to post as often as possible with hashtags.  


We grow tons of accounts just by posting daily content.  If your account is personal to you, you may not have enough content to post daily.  Consider reposting things, or posting quote images to keep the content coming.



You can definitely do the following method that bots do by hand, if you are so inclined.  The key here is to find ‘source accounts’ that are effective. These are basically accounts that are ‘similar’ to yours in terms of audience.  Then you will want to manually follow their followers. Here are a few things to look for.


They have a following of under 50k  – Big accounts have lots of junk followers that you will waste your time following.  SO try for smaller more focused accounts that are similar to yours (or who’s followers you want to target).

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Targeting People

When you are looking at a profile to follow, keep the following in mind.  The smaller their account the higher chance they will follow you back. If they have 300 followers and are active, they will 100% see your notification and check you out.  If they have 500k followers they will never see your like/comment/follow or care about it.  

The people you are following have less than 10k followers

The people you are following have more than 10 posts 



Spend 20 minutes each day following people, and then liking one of their posts.

Once a week, unfollow as many people as you can from the previous week


Monitoring Hashtags

If you search a hashtag, and refresh the page you will see the most recent posts in that hashtag.  If posts are within a few minutes, you can be sure that the person who posted them is online right now and looking at IG.  If you follow + like/comment on their posts soon after they’ve posted, there is a MUCH higher chance they will see your profile and follow you back.



A thoughtful comment is almost always noticed and read by the original poster (if their account is not massive).  So try and spend some time commenting on people’s posts thoughtfully (make sure they have under 10k followers so you have a higher chance of it being read).  


Commenting is the most labor intensive but also the most effective for getting follow-backs if you can write something complimentary that doesn’t sound generic.  People have bots comment things like ‘nice!’ all the time on posts… so if you do comment, make sure it’s something that no bot would really write out.

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