Long Term Plays If You Don’t Trust the US and the Dollar

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What if the dollar collapses?  It’s a question I often ponder when thinking about the US dollar and what a crash would do to my investments.

I just came across yet another great article from Ray Dalio that spoke on problems with the current economic policies of the US and just the state of the world financially overall.  I am always looking ahead and trying to find out what to do with my investments, and a big fear of mine is the collapse in valuation of the dollar (or other reserve currencies) due to so much debt, unfunded pension liabilites and the like.

Dalio is right when when calls the current system absurd, and I must say that it feels good to have such a notoriously correct hedge fund manager agreeing with what I’ve been fretting about the past few years.  He does not however offer a prediction as to how this will all unfold, except hinting at the devaluation of 3 of the reserve currencies.


Where then will the value run and hide?  My thoughts are Gold and Crypto, maybe commodities just in general.   So with that, I’m again starting (slowly) to buy up my crypto portfolio doing weekly transactions.  Another great thing to have in the event of currency issues,  is long term fixed debt.  I currently have a 30 year mortgage on a rental property, so any drop in value of the dollar only helps my case (as it would make the loan easier to pay off).  Assuming I was earning in another asset class or my earnings were inflation adjusted.

Just some thoughts, give the article a read and let me know what you think.


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