What is Daygame, How To Do It – What to talk about

This post covers the history of day game,  how to approach girls during the time (daygame),  also will help you figure out what to talk about when you meet that first girl in the daytime.

What is daygame, and why would I ever want to do it?

Arguably the father of day game is Sasha Daygame. He may or may not have been the first guy approaching girls on the street with the intention of ‘picking them up  but for me, he was my first introduction to the notion. I remember watching with my jaw open as he ran around London with a hidden camera chasing after girls (respectfully) and chatting them up.  It wasn’t the fact that he was so great and getting all these girls that blew my mind but the WAY HE ROLLED OFF REJECTION AFTER REJECTION. Some of the interactions were awkward, and some of the girls were mean.  And the guy just didn’t care, he’d just keep going until met some nice girl.

And some of the girls he was meeting on the street were INSANELY hot.  I was nervous just watching him pick them up and get phone numbers. Check him out on Youtube,  Sasha has done a lot more since his Sasha Daygame days… but the old vids are still powerful for a beginner.

Now since Sasha, there have been countless fantastic coaches out there on the streets picking up girls and making connections.  I could list a few like Yad, The Natural Lifestyles, and a few other pickup companies that do it well. The point is now that daygame is a ‘thing’  and more mainstream (at least in the seduction world).

How to day game

The how-of-day game is what most guys are concerned with.  How do I meet a girl I like on the street? What do I say when I’m doing a day game?  We’ll go through a brief intro on how to meet girls you like on the street here.

This is an insanely complex and nuanced topic, so I’m going to give you bigger principles first.  To learn the technicals, check out Yad, and The Natural Lifestyles guys who go INSANELY in-depth and do it over video.


This is the best ‘frame’ you can come from when you’re out meeting girls during the day.  What is she like? What makes this girl tick? The idea here is to get you to stop running around the streets ‘trying to pick up girls’  but instead go out as a social person and meet interesting people. Believe me, once you get away from ‘doing pickup’ you will meet a lot more girls that are interested in you.

Stop her

In my experience, if you want to make a connection, both of you need to be standing still and be able to make decent eye contact.  Now, this isn’t always possible if she’s hurrying off somewhere (in that case you would walk with her) but you should always begin the interaction by trying to stop her. Few tips here:

-Get in front of her (but leave plenty of space)

-Don’t do it quickly and alarmingly, remember you are a stranger to give her lots of space

-Smile and say ‘excuse me.  The more playful you can do this the better, and the more likely she’ll stop.

-Make eye contact immediately.  She needs to see that you aren’t a crazy person, or a robber, so make eye contact and smile genuinely. 

Calibrate her reactions

This is the art of day game, calibration.  What I mean here is you need to see how she reacts to your presence (after you say hello and stop her) and based on how SHE is feeling you need to respond appropriately.

For example, let’s say you stop her and say hello, and she looks terrified.

-You need to make a statement of empathy to show her you understand what you’ve just done is weird and out of the ordinary (because it is to her).

-“Sorry I know this is strange…”    “I didn’t mean to startle you (with a smile and laugh), I know this crazy…”

If you communicate to her you saw her alarm and understand it, she will almost always laugh and relax a little bit more.

However, most guys get into the habit of doing this whenever it’s not always necessary.  Sometimes I stop a girl, and she just plants her feet, blushes, and smiles back at me like “ok, what’s up?”.  It’s the best, and when it happens you don’t need to justify your existence to her because she is comfortable and likes you already.  Proceed.

I could talk scenarios all day, comment on this post if you have any specifics you want me to go over.  The main point here is you should be constantly seeing where she’s at emotionally and put yourself in her shoes.  This allows you to respond in a way that shows 1. you are competent enough to see how she’s feeling and 2. you give a shit enough about her experience to react to it.


She needs to know why this random dude is standing in front of her.  So the easiest way is to tell her straight up (and it’s reasonably effective). 

 “I wanted to meet you, I thought you looked amazing”  

-Generic compliment yes (it’s better if you can comment on her style, what she’s wearing, how she’s walking etc.)  But at least it gets the job done, as now she knows you aren’t a sales guy, and you aren’t trying to be shopping buddies.

As you get more advanced, you can communicate this with non-verbal signals (eye contact, flirty smile, lingering hand touch, etc.)  but if you are brand new it’s easiest to just say it. It also helps you get more comfortable expressing your desires (something most men can never do without being ashamed).  So tell her what you like about her. 

Find out about her, and share yourself too 

Don’t just ask logistical questions like ‘where do you go to school’,  go deeper and find out WHY she chose that major, find out her main motivations.  The best way to connect with people is to discuss hopes/dreams and fears/insecurities.  If you can show your vulnerability and get her to join you, you’ll be amazed at how quickly two strangers on the sidewalk can connect. 

Move the interaction forward

Ok so you’ve done it, it’s going well, and now what? You have two options

Do something with her immediately.

Grab a coffee or a drink somewhere.  Suggest it if it makes sense and she doesn’t have any major plans. This is renumbered or social media.

If it doesn’t make logistical sense to meet up later, then simply say.

“Ok well you seem pretty cool, let’s swap numbers (or Instagram) and maybe we can meet up later this week”  

It’s better if you can set a date right then and there (ideally to do something she’s already said she likes doing)  but at the very least you need to suggest that you exchange info and meet at a later date. the girl will rarely make this suggestion so you need to step up and take the risk.  Sometimes she’ll say no, or she’ll say she’s busy or has a boyfriend.  

And much much more

In the next post, I’m going to get WAY more in-depth about the structure of day game interactions and how you can get to the next level in your conversations. 

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