Girls Want Sex Too, You’re the One Messing it Up

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**Disclaimer** I mention red pill mindsets in here and am NOT trying to start some silly debate.  The red pill gents have done great work and it’s a powerful message for men. I’m merely cherry picking a mindset and reflecting on it.  Cheers!


It’s very easy today with the (justified) rise of Red Pill thinking to get stuck in this frame of thought about women and sex where we assume all hot girls have a shit ton of amazing options (that are better than us).


While this may even be true in a lot of cases, I’m not sure it’s a frame that really serves us as men when it comes to approaching new girls and escalating things sexually. 


You never know where she’s at in her desire and life.  Some girls are getting ready to go out tonight really hoping they meet a cool good looking guy.  They aren’t ALL bombarded by promoters, bottles, rich guy yacht party offers etc. just because they’re beautiful.


So what’s the point? The point is that often times girls want to casually date and hookup but we as men fuck it up for them.  


We do this by projecting all these things onto her life without even meeting the girl.  


We do this by judging girls and calling them sluts if they sleep around.  We create an environment where she can’t relax and worries (even more than she already did) about being judged by people and especially you. 


Let’s try a new approach, the frame of curiosity. If you’re going to assume something about her assume that she’s a little bit lonely and is EXCITED to meet an awesome dude (hopefully you are one and are working on yourself).  


It may not be the truth, but it will help you approach her with a better vibe and will help you drop some of the negative assumptions that don’t serve you at all.


Just some thoughts for the day gents!  Keep pimping.

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