Best Places to Live in Cities for Girls

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Best Places to Live in Cities for Girls

Would you believe that where you live within a city can make the difference between meeting amazing girls and having a ton of sex vs. none at all? 


Logistics matter more than most guys can even imagine, and as someone who has lived in quite a few cities across the world with the primary intention of having an amazing dating life I can attest to this firsthand. 


It’s not just about the girls, it’s about the lifestyle you have.  And yes, girls are a major part of our lifestyles as self reliant men. 


When in doubt, live in the absolute city center.  


This is generally the case in Europe.  Most European cities are designed with the ‘city center’ being the center of life.  that’s where the parks are, the shopping districts, most of the nightlife etc. So you’re best rule of thumb for Euro cities is to find the center where the action is and stay as close to it as humanly possible. 


In countries like the US, this is NOT always the case.  The best neighborhood in NYC for meeting women and having a great lifestyle is not the business district, or Midtown.  Same for Chicago, Miami and LA. So for thse cities you need to do a little bit more research.  


Should you stay by work, or by night clubs? 


There are a few ways to prioritize the city and optimize for your life.  A lot of that depends on how/when you meet girls, what your work situation is like, what the city is like etc.  So let’s go over the biggest categories.


Meeting Girls if You Have an Office Job


Firstly, if you are responsible for showing up to an office everyday, your results are always going to be more limited than the more nomadic type worker.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t optimize. 

If you’re in an office in a European city center, live as close as possible to where you work.

If you’re in an office in a major US city,  try to live as short a commute from the office as possible WHILE being in a great neighborhood for nightlife.


The whole idea here is to minimize your time spent commuting as it’s just a drain on your entire life.  If some good bars are on the way home from work, you are about 100x more likely to go hang out in one and thus more likely to meet the girls you want to be meeting.  


Since weekends and nights are going to be your major source of fun and dating, you’ll want to prioritize that.  Rarely have I found that the best nightlife is too far from business districts. Again it all depends though.  


If you are location independent

Then you simply want to live in the ‘coolest’ area. The neighborhood that has the most attractive girls out during the daytime.  In Chicago this is probably River North/Magnificent Mile, In New York this Soho, in Sydney this is Bondi Beach or Downtown, Barcelona it’s Eximple or Gotic Corridor, and on and on…


For me personally, I want to find a neighborhood that has a ton of cafes to work out of that are mostly comprised of women.  In richer cities/neighborhoods these places are the absolute best for just bumping into great girls. You can integrate meeting women into your lifestyle vs. going out for massive ‘daygame’ sessions. 


*Pro tip*  If you can be near a neighborhood that has high end shopping and/or model agencies you will stumble across a much higher percentage of insanely hot women throughout your day. 


What’s the deal with living nearby nightclubs?

There is a TON of content out there in the pickup/dating world about logistics when it comes to nightclubs.  For those of you unaware, the further you live from the club you meet the girl at, the less likely she is to come back home with you.  Think about a 45 minute drive vs. living next door to the club (and you should see the logic here).


In my experience this is a big advantage if you can afford to live in the hottest neighborhoods with great bars/clubs/restaurants.  You are just giving yourself more chances to meet someone living where the action is. And yes, if you are a man to go out a lot at night then your chances of bringing a girl home on the same night go up significantly.  This has been totally worth it. 


Again it all depends on your style.  Simply work backwards from how you best like to meet women to date and put yourself as physically close to the ideal environment as possible. 


Is the Extra Expense Worth It?

No one can tell you if it’s worth it for you personally.  The fact is that living in the best parts of the city (where guess what the most beautiful women happen to be) is going to cost you much more.   Don’t go broke trying to put yourself there, but if you can afford it (if the rent is less than half your income) I’d say 100% go for it.


And if you’re the type saying they’d rather spend the money ‘investing in the themselves’  I say good go for it. But do it knowing that you aren’t setting yourself up in the best possible way to succeed in your dating life.  


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