Your Life Changes Forever If You Can Meet Girls On the Street

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This post isn’t for everyone on here.

Many people on the internet (especially guys in the dating communities) are lurkers and overanalyzers. They read and read and watch video after video in a state of perpetual ‘learning’ and analysis.

They say things like “I would be approaching, but I’m just learning a new technique, so I haven’t been yet”.

If you are one of those guys firstly you need to go take action, but secondly you likely won’t relate at all to the following. Because if you really do get out of your comfort zone, crush your ego, and start meeting girls in your every day life…

… and then start getting good at it.

The entire trajectory of your life is going to be changed for the better. Not just your dating life. And no I’m not saying that be simply learning how to date insanely hot women you are suddenly going to be happy and fulfilled and go crush it perpetually. That would be bullshit.

But what does happen might actually surprise you. The spirit of exploration, and optimization start to trickle down and work themselves into every part of your life.

These improvements in your thinking, your style, your job even start to act as building blocks to a better quality of life.

It’s not just the girls, it’s everything.

Let’s look at an example, assume for a moment you have run the gauntlet that is the first 6 months of daytime pickup, you learned daygame and met hundreds of girls. Most of which went terribly.

But you persisted, you dropped your ego and learned from your mistakes. Learned to let go of the circumstances out of your control (her) and hopefully fell in love with the process not the result.

If you did the above, then I guarantee you meet 2-3 life changing romances. Not girls you are going to marry, maybe not even girls you see beyond a passionate weekend. But girls so beautiful and attractive to you, that you now could never go back to your old dating life.

It’s time to get more you thought. So, you dug into how to improve yourself and thus improve your results. You noticed that if you dressed a little bit sharper more girls seemed to respond to you.

So you dug into what current mens fashion actually is. You learned how to match your shit. You followed mens instagrams with good style and bought the same kind of clothes they wore.

You went into learning fashion with a specific goal, improve your daygame results by looking better.

But before you knew it, after a few months of learning and shopping and trying things you actually ended up with style.

And not to forget the results that come with it 😉

Or maybe you realize that your results are 10x in terms of quality in a certain city you traveled through. So you start thinking about how you can get a job there, work remotely, or build a business that allows you freedom of location.

Now you go down the rabbit hole of location freedom, and if you come out the other side (and end up in a city or cities you love) you will build up a solid knowledge of business, or online work.

Maybe you even made yourself a little bit extra cash too.

This is the point, you start the journey of women and ultimately you begin systemically improving every major facet of your life. Fashion is just a small and shallow example, but what about self confidence, being cultured/traveled, reading, becoming smarter?

They’re all side effects of chasing tail if you do it properly.

But again, none of this happens if you don’t start.

You won’t improve your style, you won’t travel and see the world, you won’t likely improve yoru work and business situation. You won’t meet and network with incredible people across the globe.

Instead you’ll stay at home reading articles and watching youtube.

Recycling the same old bullshit excuses about moving out of your small town, or learning more.

You will never make it to the other side…

…Unless you start.

Cheers to the journey! – Bryce @ srm

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