How to Make Money While Traveling – Building Your Ideal Lifestyle and Paying For It (Part 1)

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In society today more people are traveling than ever before. Tourism is at its highest peak (aside from the coronavirus debacle) and it’s never been easier to jump on a cheap flight somewhere exotic and see the sights.


There are really two types of travelers these days, neither of which we’re particularly interested in here at SRM.  


The Vacationer

These are the typical vacation types, they get 10 days off a year and go to Mexico, or Europe, or something.  They stay in a hotel, pay for tours and wait in line for hours to see old churches and paintings. All to take some photos and ‘say they’ve been there’.  


The Vagabond

Famous examples of this are books like ‘On the Road’ from Jack Kerouac and the more recent Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. Both of these books are beautifully written, and capture the spirit of what I’m sure is inside you as much as me.  THe thrill of the open road, the spirit of adventure. True masculine energy driving through the earth, taking risks and exploring.


What is my problem with these two types?  They both have to go home eventually.


Finite Time – Fixed Schedules 


Like I’ve said before, we aren’t necessarily interested in ‘travel’ here at SRM, what we are after is FREEDOM.   With Freedom comes the ability to move around the earth whenever and however we want. 


There certainly is nothing wrong with the true Vagabond lifestyle.  You can bounce around the world for years on minimal savings, living on the cheap and picking up odd jobs or teaching english to keep the party going.


This is all well and good, but you are not building anything.  And eventually you will need/want to stop (to make some money, or because you get sick of living like a homeless person everyday).  


Trust me this day will come, and likely if you have any ambition it will come within 2 years.  Now what?


Let me propose an alternative.  


Earning Online While Traveling


Modern times has blessed us with a lot more resources than Rolf and Jack had in their wandering days.  Specifically the internet.


Because connectivity reaches across the entire globe, we are no longer relegated to working jobs that are available in the city you are currently visiting.


You can build sources of income while bouncing between continents.   You can make money while traveling. 


There’s nothing quite like putting in 4 hours of solid work at a cafe in Barcelona, then heading off to the beach for a date with a girl you met earlier the day before.  Adventure, romance, and your business slowly growing in the background financing the whole party. 


Now this is not the part of the article where I sell you some ‘become an influencer’ bullshit course.  I’m talking about legitimate and longterm-thinking business building here.


There are SO many ways to make money online that I’ll need another post to start going through them, but I want you to really get the point of what we’re trying to do here.  Because never before has this been possible.


Even 20 years ago, if you wanted to get rich you had to do it at the expense of traveling the world.  And vice versa.


Not anymore.  Now it’s entirely possible to do both.


Believe me, it’s not an easy path.  We have social media and expert marketers to thank for this lifestyle appearing light and prosperous.  But the truth is much rougher. 


So how do we do it?  How to get rich? And how to do it in a way that blends perfectly with a lifestyle filled with women and adventure?  


In Part 2 of this series, I get deep into the best ways to earn money and build businesses online.   


I’ve spent years trying everything I could get my hands on,  (Poker, Trading, Advertising, Blogging) you name it. This week I’ll share everything I’ve tried, what’s worked and what’s failed miserably.   Make sure you jump on the email list so you don’t miss it.


To your new lifestyle






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