I feel like a chump for investing in my future at the expense of the best years of my life.

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I just read a BRUTAL post on reddit FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) about the topic of postponing gratification (saving more now) so that you will be better set for Retirement later.


This is the current model of (at least American) society.  You work hard and slog away at some ‘stable’ job so that you can retire without money worries and enjoy your ‘golden years’ on a pension/401k/dividend income.


I have a huge problem with this mindset, and as a fellow Self Reliant Man so should you.


  • You spend your best years working away at a stable job.  How could any financial strategy include you most active/interesting years as a man spent in an office/factory or exclusively behind a keyboard?


  • The notion of a ‘stable’ job is complete bullshit ( no salary job is stable permanently)


  • You aren’t taking your freedom at all, you’re patiently waiting for it to be given to you.  


  • There’s no way to know how your retirement accounts or pensions will even work out for you (Most pensions in the US are completely bankrupt and might never pay out)


This idea of your golden years is complete nonsense.  In your 60s you have 1/10th of the energy you had as a young man,  your cock barely works (if you’re lucky) and your capacity for having fun/adventures will be seriously limited.


So why wait?  And how can we avoid this life trajectory?


How to Avoid Being a Financial Chump – Assets and Potential Growth

The real key to finance is rapid growth and appreciation of assets.  No I don’t mean compound interest on that few bucks you through in the stock market.


I mean EXPONENTIAL growth.  Like the founders of a small startup who each own 20% of the shares that become worth millions when they go public.


Or buying a $100k house,  investing 50k in the rehab and selling it for $350 within 6 months.


I’m talking BIG WINS. They are what really move the needle towards Freedom in your life and finances.


And post people have absolutely no idea how to position themselves to get them. 


The Anatomy of a Big Win


So how do we actually create big wins in our own lives?  


In my opinion they can really be broken down into 2 main things.


  • Acquire an asset at a (perceived) cheap value.
  • Event (or gradual events over time) to explode the value of that asset.


Think about what life would be like you invested your entire LIFE SAVINGS into Tesla when it IPO’d at $17 bucks a share….


Or better yet, if you had been one of the original founders and owned %10 of the company BEFORE it went public.


Now i’m not here to try and tell you to pick stocks and find ‘The next Tesla’.  No one can do it that efficiently, and unless you’re already a superstar in that world it’s not worth putting your energy into.  We’ll talk more about the stock market in another post, back to basics.


The point I’m making here is there is INSANE WEALTH t obe had for people that can acquire things cheaply, and then grow them to massive heights. 


Buy low, sell high in it’s simplest form.  Only we aren’t going to do it with just the stock market…


Real Assets that Can Make You Rich


The only guys getting rich off penny stocks are

  1. The guys that own the companies being promoted
  2. The guys selling ‘courses’ on how to trade penny stocks.


I won’t debate this point further.  It’s the truth and if you don’t believe you’re free to blow some cash on a few products and try it out for yourself.


In our case, real assets that can make us wealthy boil down to a few things.


  • Income generating real estate (this is the slowest but most trusty horse in the race for wealth)


  • Equity in a Startup (doesn’t need to be a silicon valley tech company, but a company you own and started from little/nothing)


  • An audience of raving and dedicated fans (like a very popular email list, social media accounts etc.) 


The Naval classic ‘How to Get Rich’  podcast series is worth a listen if you want more detailed explanation of this concept.  You can listen to the full thing (it’s worth it)  here https://nav.al/rich


Start Your Own Business – Build an Audience

It’s really as simple as that.  Now I realize those two topics are MASSIVE and there’s a paralyzing amount of information (and scams) out there on each. 


If you’re not where to start, grab my guide on earning money online.  Not everything on there is a large growth/big win type of business… but it should give you some direction if you’re starting from scratch. 


Other great people to follow when it comes to online business/audiences

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (master of audience building)
  • Naval (startup master)
  • Seth Godin (marketing and startups)


Is it Worth The Risk?


Most people say they’ll never start a business or invest in real estate because ‘they don’t want to take the risk’.


The real question is, what are you risking by spending your best years in a job (that can fire you anytime by the way) that doesn’t give you the freedom you crave?


I’m certainly not ‘rich’ yet but I AM free.  Free to live anywhere, take months off at a time, go on spontaneous (and sometimes ill advised) adventures with my friends and the people I care about.


I couldn’t conceive of living my life any other way.  I only get one shot at this, and the best years of my active life are ticking by day by day.


WHen you look at it that way, do you really have any other choice?


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