Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Making 6 Figures While Barely Working

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The entire entrepreneur/financial independence world online will tell you:


“The salary is a drug they give you to give up on your dreams”




“If you still are on salary at a 9-5, you will never be able to call yourself an entrepreneur”


These little ‘quit your job, take the risk!”  cliches are really inspiring and make for great content. 


But in today’s day they are nonsense, and harm more people than they help.


 If you’re commuting 2 hours a day, and working 9 hours in an office (actually working) then yes you need to change your situation up or you will never be able to build something that throws off piles of cash each month.


But what if you could get paid each month, without really spending that much time or effort working?  Isn’t that why we want to build a business in the first place?


Introducing today’s concept,  the cushy remote job arbitrage. 


Make 100k+ Working 10 Hours a Week


Most jobs at larger companies really don’t require 40 hard hours o focused work.  If you have one, I’m sure you’ll agree that you probably spend 5-10 hours on legitimate work each week with the rest lost down the meetings/commute/bullshit drain.  


While it may sound heroic to quit your job and pursue your wildest dreams in that motivational youtube video, the smartest move is to stay disciplined and build that moonshot project while still collecting that easy money.


It IS possible to make a 6 figure income from a ‘job’  working less than hours a week.  I’ve been doing it for a few years now, and the consistent cash has allowed me to self fund and scale my startup at much faster rates (without needing outside capital).  #winning


So i’m here to propose that you go out and find your own cushy corporate job. They don’t always have to be all-consuming, time sucking, depressing shit jobs (though they certainly can be).  


With an exponentially higher amount of fully-remote jobs out there It’s worth a look around to see if your skills match up with jobs offering the following ‘job arbitrage’  characteristics:


Your New Day Job Arbitrage


Light on meetings,  heavy on asynchronous communication

Your manager’s stance on meetings and productivity are a big factor here.  Good managers care about the work (and dont’ care when or how you deliver it),  lousy managers insist on calling you multiple times a day to ‘check in’.  


Heavy on personal responsibility and deliverables

Many teams within big companies have a culture of self reliance.  Whoever you work with needs to be on this same page, otherwise you’ll always be pulled into nonsensical meetings and ‘collaborations’. 


Large companies,  slow moving teams/bureaucracy

This one is less obvious.  Funded startups and ‘trendy’ young companies are awesome to talk about at the bar and repeat their mission statement.  We all want to say we’re working with a company that ‘is changing the world’…


But startups work hard.  They have to in order to grow and survive.  Therefore they aren’t the best fit for your day job arbitrage.  You need big, slow moving, deliberate corporate wheels to get lost inside while you collect your checks.   It’s in the inefficiency of large organizations that you’ll be able to carve out extra hours for your own projects. 


Be a manager if you can

Managers get paid more to do less work.  So be a manager if you can.  This also gives you much more control over all of the above points.


Avoid ‘On-Call’ or Transactional Gigs

You dont’ want to be responsible for client support calls, or emails all throughout the day.  Jobs as ‘office admins’  are filled with interruptions from the rest of the company and don’t create enough free time.  Ideal positions have you working as a lone wolf, and with set deliverables (technical writer, software developer,  project manager). 


 You don’t want to be putting out fires, you want to be holed up in your cave creating for (brief) periods of the day. 


Start Interviewing!


If you don’t have a job that fits the above criteria and want to devote more time to that side project,  go find one!  ALl of the above can be ascertained pretty easily in the interview process.  Happy hunting. 


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