Books to Expand Your Mind

There are so many life changing must read books out there that it’s almost silly. You can’t possibly read them all.

The real trick is finding the right mind expanding book at the right time in your life.

Since we’re focused on Business, Lifestyle and Relationships here, I thought I’d give you mini reviews of the best books in each category so you can choose for yourself.

Business Books to Expand Your Mind

If you are interested in making more money, working less, and improving your every day entrepreneurial experience then you’re going to need the right mindsets.

The ‘business book’ landscape is littered with re-hashed self promotional trash that does more selling you on the author’s credibility than it does teaching you something to apply in your business. All of the below books are no frills and were complete game changers for my business.

The Navalmanack and ‘How to Get Rich’ Podcast

Naval is one of the purest sources of philosophical and entrepreneurial advice in the world. He has built and invested in countrless successful companies, and doles out his wisdom for free. No course, no nonsense ‘executive coaching’, nothing. Naval has this amazing ability to distill exactly what you need to know down into a tweet (seriously check his twitter).

Read everything you can get your hands on, and listen to his ‘how to get rich podcast’.

Felix Dennis How to Get Rich

This book is ironically titled. Felix Dennis spends about half of it explaining in detail why you might not want to get super rich… and he’s spot on. The rest of the book is full of well thought out concepts that any entrepreneur building to scale will need to understand and embody. Felix Dennis was a hell of a character, and this tasty piece of business writing should not be missed by anyone striving to hit it big.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Your Shit Together – John Carlton

I am a massive John Carlton fan and this book is likely his best every published. It’s full of as much ‘life advice’ as it is business advice. The man is such a talented writer (he is one of the most successful copywriters out there), no doubt you will be entertained throughout and learn a few nuggets. His speciality is selling, and living a good life. If you need help with either (all of us), then give it a read.

Confessions of a Persuasion – Ian Stanley

Ian Stanley is the younger and modern version of John Carlton. He gets social media, gets that the copy game has changed, and he is a stud at selling over email. If you aren’t maxing out your email list and selling like crazy, his books are worth checking out. No doubt he will expand your knowledge of email marketing and offers. Lot’s of great ideas in here.

Mind Expanding Relationship and Dating Books

The Rational Male – Rollo Tomassi

Rollo has written tons of famous articles in the ‘manosphere’ over the years. His book ‘The Rational Male’ is an intense but necessary read. I don’t think it should be considered a dating bible, but if you aren’t at least aware of the concepts he describes you will never truly be able to build the richest dating life possible. Required reading and a total mind breaker if you are new to this kind of writing.

Alabaster Girl – Zan Perrion

Zan is quite a character, and one of the few men who writes poetically about the dating and loving of women. This is not written like normal dating books, but it is chocked full of delicious insights into the female mind. If you can learn to stay fascinated with women like Zan, there is no limit to how much knowledge and experience you can gain and how powerful of an effect you can have on the women of your choosing.

Models – Mark Manson

Classic men’s dating text. Required reading for anyone trying to get tout there and meet women in an authentic way. Enough said.

Game RooshV

Roosh has lost his damn mind in recent years. But fortunately for us before he found jesus, he wrote one of the most technical and detailed books about picking up women in history. A lot of it is toxic and not idea, but there is no arguing with this man’s breakdown of how to go about improving your dating life. This very blog is written to be an expander upon a lot of the things detailed in this book.

Love Freedom and Aloneness – Osho

Easily the most influential book on relationships I have ever read. It caused me to reconsider the relationship I was in, and ultimately break up with an amazing (and stunningly hot) girl.

Lifestyle and Decision Making Books

4HWW – Tim Ferriss

This is one of the books that started it all for me. The ultimate lifestyle entrepreneur bible. Imagine working only a few hours a week, and making enough to live the exact life you have always dreamed of? A pretty compelling (and ultimately false) pitch, but an intoxicating one. Read Tim Ferriss’s book not to learn the how of online businesses, but to learn the why. His main value in the book is to show you that it doesn’t cost that much to live an insane life. And furthermore, you can achieve it with complete freedom of location (and sometimes time) by focusing on building a specific type of business.

The concept of just setting up a little e-commerce store and barely working while the cash register rings all day… is nonsense. But the concept of having a location independent business that funds your life (and an amazing life at that!) is why we’re all here.

Give it a read, get inspired, and then move onto something more practical.

Vagabonding – Rolf Potts

This book is a more poetically written travel expose by one of the most famous travelers in the world. Rolf Potts didn’t have the internet when he was marauding around the world having incredible experiences. He worked shit jobs, saved up his pennies and spent them lavashily on budget world travel. His book is more of an ode to the spirit of adventure and travel. If you are a wanderer like I am, you will love it.

Life Nomadic – Tynan

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Tynan, one of the most practical and logical dudes that’s ever written a lifestyle/travel book. He lives the true digital nomad lifestyle (though he owns property), and is a master of living a high quality life on the cheap. His projects are all online (small software plays usually) and they trickle in enough income to keep him perpetually ‘retired’, or only working on the fun stuff.

His books have great travel hacks in them, packing lists of nomad gear, and much more actionable advice than the previous two books in this section. He’ll blow your mind with some of these tips.


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