Why Reddit Seduction is Destroying Your Game (and what to do about it)

There is an absolute mountain of dating advice and questions on Reddit and other forums. 99% of it is garbage written by the socially inept who aren’t even speaking to women let alone dating the kind you’re fantasizing about.

This is a short and sweet guide to using forums, a subreddit community, and other groups. Which ones are the best, the worst, and more. If you’re one of us (men traveling the globe trying to pump up their dating and romantic lives), then it’s crucial you can find and vette online communities easily.

Most people spend hours reading through junk, and then either give up or get lousy advice to go out and try.

This post is designed to get you the absolute most out of your dating and seduction reading online.

– What are the top Reddit Seduction Groups?

– How to filter out the nonsense and people just trying to sell you junk?

– Getting your questions answered (by someone with actual game)

– What other communities are worth reading/engaging on?

Best Reddit Seduction Subreddits

When it comes to subreddits, it really comes down to a numbers game. The bigger the group the more likely it is to have a few decent guys posting/writing in there frequently. Of course, that’s not always the case but it’s a decent rule of thumb.


Arguably the biggest and the best if you’re a straight guy looking to pick up girls, get a girlfriend, or improve things with your current one. There is plenty of solid girl and date talk happening here (if you can filter out the noise). If you want to meet girls on the street or read any kind of life improvement/self-improvement journey this is your place.


I find this one more amusing than informative. Though the mixed perspectives of women makes it a little more interesting/lively.


This one I haven’t gotten a ton of mileage out of personally, but it may be worth a read to gain a little more insight into the insecurities and complaints.

How to filter out the Nonsense From the Gold

Seddit is the biggest and most active these days, so we can focus there. When you first read seddit, you want to be looking at two main things:

– What are the top posts (and are they actually valuable)?

– Are the comments well thought out, and part of a discussion, or are they just a bunch of weird cryptic comments from trolls or bitter dudes?

Just because someone speaks with confidence or authority does not mean they actually have any experience. This is where things get difficult, to decide whether someone’s advice is based in reality, or a fantasy world they created in their parent’s basement.

Be wary of too much ‘cut and dry’ advice.

Dating and relationships are insanely nuanced, so an often really easy tell is when someone replies in a very short, cryptic manner with an exact piece of advice. In almost every case, it’s not that simple, and multiple factors need to be discussed. So be careful taking too many one-line comments and basing your decisions and real actions off them.

Disregard all negative and butthurt advice

No matter what the situation, there is always a positive way to look at it (even if the idea is that you need to stop talking to a specific girl and move on). A really good tell is if a guy is any good is his general outlook on women and dating. Does he have hope? Or are all girls just toxic and to be mistrusted? Personally, if someone is too far-entrenched into the red pillworld, I don’t have much interest in his opinion.

Try and Identify a Subreddit Icon to Follow

Every subreddit has people who post consistently, and who’s opinions are just respected more than most. These are the icons, the OGs, the bosses. If you find a post by someone you really resonate with, try going through their post history and seeing what else they might have written.

Get Your Questions Answered (By someone good)

Despite being littered with trash posts and hilarious whining, there are a bunch of interesting and experienced guys hanging out on most pages putting out great articles.

Cut down on the whining/complaining/excuses.

Three’s a tendency for guys to want to protect their egos a bit when posting (avoid admitting fully that they want/need help) So they preface their posts with explanations of why a particular situation is ‘rare for them’ or ‘not their fault’ etc.

Don’t do this.

Anyone with legitimate knowledge to respond is not going to want to waste time ‘convincing’ you that you actually have a problem, or need help on your next date. So just be as honest as possible, explain your situation clearly, and ask for help. No fluff needed.

What Else You Should Be Reading (Or Watching)

Legitimate Youtube Channels

If you’re looking for an example of dating content that is written by guys who actually earned it, look no further than the below channels.

– James tusk

– Natural lifestyles

– Troy Francis

There are more, but these are by far my favorite and most respected creators in the game today.

PS — Email Capture Etc.


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