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At SRM, we don't just 'travel' but have a very specific set of criteria for picking new cities to live in as we maraud around the world.

These articles are written from the perspective of a digital entrepreneur, who wants to travel slowly, experience new cultures as a local, date exotic women, and of course build businesses.


I feel like a chump for investing in my future at the expense of the best years of my life.

    I just read a BRUTAL post on reddit FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) about the topic of postponing gratification (saving more now) so that you will be better set for Retirement later.   This is the current model of (at least American) society.  You work hard and


How to Design Your Dream Life (and actually make it happen)

Imagine this:   You wake up on a yacht, surrounded by beautiful women.   Somewhere, soft music is playing.   You smell bacon – one of your girlfriends is an amazing cook, and it looks like she’s at it again.   You roll over to cuddle with your other girlfriends


A few epic quotes to meditate on from a Silicon Valley Superstar

  First off, if you have any desire to build companies and get rich then you need to be following @Naval and subscribed to his podcast.   He’s a silicon valley monster gone philosophical, and spends his time now helping people craft  new perspective on life and business.     I


What are you after? Thoughts on an Ideal Lifestyle

  What are you really after in life?    What is true freedom and fulfillment, and how can we actually achieve it across the most important areas of our lives?    If you’re already seeing some success in the main pillars (dating, business, lifestyle) This site and newsletter are even


How to Make Money While Traveling - Building Your Ideal Lifestyle and Paying For It (Part 1)

  In society today more people are traveling than ever before. Tourism is at its highest peak (aside from the coronavirus debacle) and it’s never been easier to jump on a cheap flight somewhere exotic and see the sights.   There are really two types of travelers these days, neither

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