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400% Return On Investment over 5 years: Why I Sold My Real Estate Investment

  I’ve had a pretty good run with my first investment.  It’s made money every year and I’m confident I could repeat it (if the market conditions ever change).    But for a few major factors I’ve decided to list it and sell it (for a nice gain).  The following


A few epic quotes to meditate on from a Silicon Valley Superstar

  First off, if you have any desire to build companies and get rich then you need to be following @Naval and subscribed to his podcast.   He’s a silicon valley monster gone philosophical, and spends his time now helping people craft  new perspective on life and business.     I


My Favorite Books on Investing and Markets

  I’ve read an ungodly amount of trashy trading and investing books in the last 10 years.      It seems that in today’s age of electronic trading, everyone wants to get on the magic of turning blinking lights on your iPhone into cash piled up neatly in your bank account.


How to Make Money While Traveling - Building Your Ideal Lifestyle and Paying For It (Part 1)

  In society today more people are traveling than ever before. Tourism is at its highest peak (aside from the coronavirus debacle) and it’s never been easier to jump on a cheap flight somewhere exotic and see the sights.   There are really two types of travelers these days, neither


Blowing Up - Tail Risk and Crisis Investing (Part One)

  Just this morning I re-read one of my favorite essays by Malcom Gladwell, Blowing Up.   It tells the story of two absolute legends in the financial markets,  Nassim Taleb, and Victor Neiderhoffer. Both with very drastic approaches to trading, and very different trajectories in outcomes.   Read the

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