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Don’t Quit Your Day Job - Making 6 Figures While Barely Working

  The entire entrepreneur/financial independence world online will tell you:   “The salary is a drug they give you to give up on your dreams”   or   “If you still are on salary at a 9-5, you will never be able to call yourself an entrepreneur”   These little


How to Sell More

  Today we’re going to get to the core of why your last launch flopped or why no one wants to hire your services.    You’re aren’t the only one (believe me), we all completely miss the mark when it comes to selling the products/services of a new venture.  


The 3 Types of Startup Partners That Will Strangle Your Idea and Obliterate Your Motivation

  There’s nothing more exciting than the promise of a brand new venture.  Potential profits and explosive growth rates linger just around the corner, and the world bursts at the seams with possibility.    Unfortunately that’s the high point of most ventures.  Most of them end in lawsuits, bankruptcy, or


I feel like a chump for investing in my future at the expense of the best years of my life.

    I just read a BRUTAL post on reddit FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) about the topic of postponing gratification (saving more now) so that you will be better set for Retirement later.   This is the current model of (at least American) society.  You work hard and


400% Return On Investment over 5 years: Why I Sold My Real Estate Investment

  I’ve had a pretty good run with my first investment.  It’s made money every year and I’m confident I could repeat it (if the market conditions ever change).    But for a few major factors I’ve decided to list it and sell it (for a nice gain).  The following

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