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Perpetually Single? Here’s Why (And How to Fix It)
Being single is an enriching experience. These days (and maybe since the beginning), it's the most ...
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First Dates in a Foreign Language – Use these Questions to Avoid Awkward Conversation
Free association is the mother of all great conversationalist skills.  The ability to riff endlessly off nothing at all is sought after by any guy that has ‘run out of stuff to say’ with girls.   It’s completely possible to work on your chops until you’re at a point where you can turn anything in your environment into a c...
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Stay Single or Settle in With Your Dream Girl?
Before you read this This article is for guys who have been in and out of relationships with their ideal type of girl.  If you aren’t quite there yet in your development, check out some of my other articles on approaching and early stage dating before coming back to this one.  .... ...
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Dating and Sex in High School – A Young Man’s Guide
Dating and Sex (lots of sex) I originally wrote this section 3rd (after school and work), but since you’ll skip to it first anyways here we go.  And with good reason, because girls are amazing.  Middle school is for kids, high s...
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How Do I Stop Being the Nice Guy Girls Save for Friendship and Marriage?
Most of my Dates have Ended With "You're such a nice guy... let's be friends" Here's a common question on reddit and here is my answer:
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How Do I Single Out a Girl When She’s in a Group?
Here's a quick comment I wrote to a guy on a seduction Reddit. He was asking essentially 'how do I get that one girl if she's with a group of friends?' No fluff here, let's get right into it.  Here's what I said: Engaging groups of girls are AMAZING for your game. At night it pump...
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How to Handle Feminine Girlfriends: When Sh*t Goes Off The Rails
Today I want to talk about a phenomenon all men dating incredibly feminine women have had to deal with over and over again. Imagine it’s the 2nd to last day of an incredible vacation you took to the Carribean. Two straight weeks of snorkeling,  laying on the beach, watching her get dressed up all sexy for delicious dinner...
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Why the ‘How To’ Industry is Ruining Your Dating Potential
We’re always searching for better tactics.   In today’s world you have an infinite amount of information available at your fingertips, so when faced with a problem the obvious course of action is to search for ways to resolve it. When I was in high school a spent 50 bucks on a (no...
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Oneitis, Can it be Cured? Part II
You may have read my other article on oneitis as well, but I’ve seen a lot of questions online about this notion of how to get over your crush so I thought a more in depth article was in order.
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This is Why You Lose Interest
If you’ve ever felt guilty or confused about losing interest in a new relationship/hookup this post is for you. “Why do I always lose interest in a girl right away?” Today’s post is inspired by a question someone posted yesterday.   The author was genuinely worried about ...
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