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I Don’t Want to be a Father
Having kids and raising a family seems to still be one of the most widely accepted "you should do it" concepts in the world. Across cultures, we have a father, a wife, babies, and then children.   Mo...
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The Digital Gypsy
The concept of living a nomad lifestyle has pretty much been around since there were human beings. Until farming was invented they pretty much had to in order to survive (no citation, but that seems to make sense).  Stay with me.   Over the last few hundred years or so,  nomadic people have taken all kinds of names and connotations.  From the classic ‘gypsy’ of Europe to the...
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Nomad Style Guide
Before we really get into this, a few disclaimers:   Games are a prerequisite! You won’t drastically improve your dating by upping your style UNLESS you have the ability to approach, close, and interact with women while being a generally cool dude.   ...
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Books to Expand Your Mind
There are so many life changing must read books out there that it's almost silly. You can't possibly read them all. The real trick is finding the right mind expanding book at the right time in your life. Since we're focused on Business, Lifestyle and Relationships here, I thought I'd give you mini reviews of the best books in each category so you can choose for yourself. Business Boo...
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How to Design Your Dream Life (And Actually Make It Happen)
Imagine this:   You wake up on a yacht, surrounded by beautiful women.   Somewhere, soft music is playing.   You smell bacon - one of your girlfriends is an amazing cook, and it looks like she’s a...
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Approach Anxiety:  The Final Word
Approach anxiety is one of most hotly contested topics in the seduction world. Some disregard it (man up, pussy!), many monetize it ( SMASH your fear to approach girls today, with this course/workshop…), and the lone few attempt to deconstruct it psychologically.     The funny thing is that all these appr...
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What are you after? Thoughts on an Ideal Lifestyle
What are you really after in life?    What is true freedom and fulfillment, and how can we actually achieve it across the most important areas of our lives?    If you’re already seeing some success in the main pillars (dating, business, lifestyle) Thi...
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How to Make Money While Traveling – Building Your Ideal Lifestyle and Paying For It (Part 1)
In society today more people are traveling than ever before. Tourism is at its highest peak (aside from the coronavirus debacle) and it’s never been easier to jump on a cheap flight somewhere exotic and see the sights.   There are really two types of travelers these days, neither of which we’re particular...
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Best Places to Live in Cities for Girls
Would you believe that where you live within a city can make the difference between meeting amazing girls and having a ton of sex vs. none at all?    Logistics matter more than most guys can even imagine, and as someone who has lived in quite a few cities across the world with the primary intention of hav...
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What Happened to RooshVForum
What Happened to RooshVForum? A few months back I went back on RooshVForum and immediately saw the update thread posted by Roosh himself about the ‘new direction’ of the forum.   You can read it yourself if you haven’t, but it essentially made all the conte...
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