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Are Your Businesses and Projects Going No Where? This Could Be Why
In today’s business nugget we’re going to break down the biggest reason for your slew of projects that never made any real money.   And I don’t just mean you. This has been my biggest weakness and challenge to overcome over the last 10 years of building mostly...
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The American Dream is Killing Us
This might be one of the most overly referenced 'phenomena' of the last 100 years when talking about the American people and their overall lifestyles.   Yes, we know that the idea of the 'american dream' was little more than a brilliant marketing strategy (to sell mortgages). What's interesting though is that it really did seem to work.   We are now in the ha...
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Should You Use Bots to Grow Your Instagram? Confessions of a Social Media Automator
The age of social media bots is over.   Well not really, but it is for YOU.   Back in the old days (last year), you could set up a robot on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter for about 20 bucks a month, and automatically start receiving ‘real’ followers, enga...
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Enough Business to Make Life Miserable…But Not Enough to Hire – Surviving Agency Hell
We have all heard the same success story.    She quit her job and started out as a freelancer.  Then after doing great work got more business and hired an assistant. Fast forward 2 years and BAM.  She’s onstage talking about how to facilitate remote culture...
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Making 6 Figures While Barely Working
The entire entrepreneur/financial independence world online will tell you:   “The salary is a drug they give you to give up on your dreams” or “If you still are on salary at a 9-5, you will
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How to Sell More
Today we’re going to get to the core of why your last launch flopped or why no one wants to hire your services.    You’re aren’t the only one (believe me), we all completely miss the mark when it comes to selling the products/services of a new venture. Even if you know your product is exceptional, it’ll n...
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The 3 Types of Startup Partners That Will Strangle Your Idea and Obliterate Your Motivation
There’s nothing more exciting than the promise of a brand new venture. Potential profits and explosive growth rates linger just around the corner, and the world bursts at the seams with possibility.    Unfortunately that’s the high point of most ventures. Most of them end in lawsuits, bankruptcy, or simpl...
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I Feel Like a Chump for Investing In My Future At The Expense Of The Best Years Of My Life.
I just read a BRUTAL post on reddit FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) about the topic of postponing gratification (saving more now) so that you will be better set for Retirement later.   This is the current model of (at least American) society.  You work hard and slog away at some ‘stable’ jo...
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400% Return On Investment over 5 years: Why I Sold My Real Estate Investment
I’ve had a pretty good run with my first investment.  It’s made money every year and I’m confident I could repeat it (if the market conditions ever change).    But for a few major factors I’ve decided to list it and sell it (for a nice gain).  The following reasons are my high level thought process around...
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A Few Epic Quotes To Meditate On From A Silicon Valley Superstar
First off, if you have any desire to build companies and get rich then you need to be following @Naval and subscribed to his podcast.   He’s a silicon valley monster gone philosophical, and spends his time now helping people craft  new perspective on life and business.    
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