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When the day has come to an end, and the noise from commerce, friends and family has quieted down to nothing, we are all ultimately left alone with our thoughts each night. My question to you is, what are you longing for in those moments?

Is it to build a new business, or boost your struggling venture?

Maybe to leave your city and go see the world?

Or even just to meet a girl who you can have an adventure, share yourself with fully, or both?

I’ve spent years in varying degrees of desire for all of the above. Only in recent years have I committed fully to achieving them ALL, and to do it simultaneously with no expense spared.

This site is being built as a continuous testament to the possibility of achieving all levels of freedom in your life.

Location, Lifestyle, Romance, Finance.

These ‘Pillars’ are what I consider to be the foundations of a fully self reliant life. They’re what I focus on day in and day out, and what I intend to share with you.

This isn’t an info product that will over-promise in order to ‘sell you’. It’s just a collection of my notes, both good and bad lessons learned, and a raw journal of my experience.

Welcome aboard, looking forward to sharing our journey’s towards total Freedom together.

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• Life and World Travel ( raw, uncut stories from the trenches of globalized adventure lifestyles).

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